MEfDA's #PledgeForParity Campaign

The #PledgeForParity Campaign demonstrates the Mining and Energy for Development global community’s commitment to achieving gender parity. This was in celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD), March 8, with the theme this year #PledgeForParity.

Achieving gender parity (women’s equal participation in education and the workplace) is a social, economic, cultural and political imperative. A study by McKinsey Global Institute estimates that if women were able to play an identical role in labour markets to men’s, as much as $28 trillion, or 26 percent, could be added to global annual GDP in 2025 however it will take until 2133 for the gender gap to close. A case in point, in mining and quarrying women’s share of employment is only 1%.

The campaign ran through March and April. Alumni and faculty were invited to submit photos with their #PledgeForParity card. One hundred and seven photos were received from 26 countries featuring 150 people with a total of 114 combined pledges. View the photos on Flickr or on M4DLink.

Of the five IWD pledge cards “Help women and girls achieve their ambitions” was the most popular pledge, with 40% selecting this as their pledge followed by 23% who pledged to “value women’s and men’s contribution equally”, and 23% with unique pledges. Of the 26 countries, the country with the most pledges was Ghana (12) followed by Zambia (11), Australia (10) and Nigeria (10).

Pledging is a significant first step in making a difference; that must be followed by action. Examples of practical things women and men as individuals or organisations can do to help achieve gender parity were provided to those that pledged e.g. “to help women and girls achieve their ambitions” - sponsor a woman or “to call for gender balanced leadership” - seek out and openly support female candidates during elections.

MEfDA will be following up with alumni and faculty that pledged to learn about the actions that they are undertaking to fulfil their pledge. MEfDA hopes to share these stories with the #PledgeForParity global community. 




11th July 2019

Overwhelming support for the course!

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