M4DLink Women in Resources Mentoring Program Launch

The M4DLink Women in Resources Mentoring Program was launched on the sidelines of Mining Indaba in Cape Town, South Africa on February 4th 2018. This international program was developed due to an increasing demand to provide a formal and structured mentoring program to alumni women working in the global resources sector.

With funding from the Department of Foreign of Affairs and Trade (DFAT), 15 female alumni from emerging resource economies in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America from the M4DLink alumni network were rigorously matched with influential males and females from the sector. M4DLink is a global online community of practice that brings together over 2100 alumni from around the world that have participated in professional development programs on mining and energy supported by the Australian government and Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI). Alumni are government officials, academics, civil society representatives and industry professionals from 60 emerging resource economies in Africa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. M4DLink is managed by the Minerals and Energy for Development Alliance (MEfDA), a partnership between The University of Western Australian and The University of Queensland. This mentoring pilot program is being run in partnership with Metisphere, the creators of the Women in Mining Mentoring Program that is run successfully in three Australian states and internationally.

Seventy seven applications were received and fifteen mentee applications were competitively selected with mentees coming from Ghana, Mali, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Niger, Rwanda, Madagascar, Mongolia, Peru, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.  They come from industry (6), government (6), academia (1), and civil society (2). Mentors are female and male senior professionals in government, industry, civil society and academia based in Australia, Philippines, USA, Zambia, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Belgium.

The launch was sponsored by Resolute Mining Ltd with remarks given by Hon Bill Johnston Minister for Mines and Petroleum, Commerce and Industrial Relations, Electoral Affairs, Asian Engagement; Ms Gita Kamath, Assistant Secretary Africa Branch, DFAT and Ms. Lee-Anne de Bruin, Chief Financial Officer, Resolute Mining Ltd. The launch event was an excellent opportunity for mentors and mentees to network with DFAT, alumni and invited guests from industry, academia, civil society and government.

Speaking at the launch event mentee Christine Logbo-Kossi, Executive Director, Chamber of Mines, Ivory Coast said

I hope, at the end of this experience, to gain greater confidence in myself and in my work, develop new skills, understand and demystify the mining culture for us women and especially expand my network.

Ms. Logbo-Kossi was pleased to have met with her mentor Ms. Nelia Halcon, Executive Vice President of the Philippine Chamber of Mines.

Mentors and mentees have undergone training and are working through a heavily structured framework managed by Metisphere. Mentees will be continually supported throughout the program with coaching, regular touch point check-ins and educational fact sheets to maintain engagement. The program runs for six months with the final event and closing ceremony scheduled for August alongside the Asia-Pacific Women in Resources M4DLink Alumni Forum.

Photos of the launch event can be viewed here



26th April 2018

Great Fati!


21st March 2018

This Women in Resources Mentoring Program 2018 is part of continuous professional development for Alumni Women. This dynamic group made up of 15 female Awards alumni. It seeks develop new skills , to develop the women leaders’ important self-leadership qualities, improve their negotiation skills, and refine their decision-making prowess, while at the same time bringing out their unique capabilities to respond to the challenges they face in the workplace, at home and community level. Through this 6 months, the 15 mentees will gain strategies that they can employ to enhance the different aspects of their lives while deepening their impact as leaders and change agents.
At the end of this Women in Resources Mentoring Program I'm sure that the positive impact for the female alumni at a personal, workplace and community level will be really noticeable.
Plaudit to the Minerals and Energy for Development Alliance (MEfDA),
Big thanks to Méthisphère the creators of the Women in Mining Mentoring Program!!!

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