Launch of Women in Mining and Energy Indonesia

The Women in Mining and Energy (WiME) Indonesia launching and WIME's first public sharing, Ruang XY were successfully held in January 2019.  One hundred people attended the event from different sectors and organisations: 25%  of the participants were male participants and  8% among the participants were from energy sector, going forward WIME aims to increase these percentages. View photos of the launch here.

WiME is a strategic hub bringing together companies, government agencies, and other relevant stakeholders through education and knowledge management to support the advocacy of gender in the extractive sector. WIME acts as an activator, a catalyst, and piggybacks on existing networks to increase women's participation in the mining and energy sector through four intervention pillars.

WIME aims to provide advisory support on capacity development for the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (MOWECP) and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) on defining gender-sensitive programmes (Pillar activity 1), monitoring and evaluation tools, and knowledge management (Pillar activity 2). This will allow both ministries to take on a technical leadership role with regards to achieving gender balance in the industry. WIME will also work with the relevant private sector and local government to foster partnerships among stakeholders (Pillar activity 3) and to promote gender mainstreaming in the education sector (Pillar activity 4). This year, WIME is focussing on developing two projects, Ruang XY and female graduate mentoring program for female graduates with science technology engineering and maths (STEM) backgrounds interested in pursuing a career in mining or energy.

Ruang XY, the first was held in January, is designed as a public discussion venue to share and discuss the best practices and problems faced by the sector.

Ruang is translated as a neutral safe space for both genders and anyone to share and speak about their challenges and their successes. XY indicates the venue promotes equal and meaningful presentation of males and females. X also defines a problem or failure/ success and Y explains the contributing factors of both the problem and failures/success.

During the first Ruang XY that was sponsored by the Minerals and Energy for Development Alliance (MEfDA) there were several presentations from government, industry and NGOs that provided the audience with the outlook of women in mining and energy in Indonesia. According to the Indonesian Ministry of National Development Planning's (Bappenes) presentation, Indonesia's gender development and empowerment index has increased in this last five years, but the increase has not very significant. All speakers agreed that there are several challenge in achieving gender equality within the sector, at the macro level this includes creating gender responsive policies, institutionalising knowledge within government bodies (capacity building and budgeting), and collecting gender disaggregated data. At a micro level, the challenges are to reduce violence, increase participation by easing women’s domestic work burden and overcoming other barriers such as access to health services, education, clean water, access to loans and access to negotiate with companies. Both PT Agincourt Resources and Hivos successfully demonstrated their gender interventions at company level and at a community level. Key successes shared by both organisations were commitment and buy-in from management and understanding women needs and barriers to participation, including education, self-esteem, and gender roles.

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