Terms and conditions

The M4D website at M4DLink.org is managed by the Minerals and Energy for Development Alliance (MEfDA) with the support of the Australian Government.

If you use this website, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed below.

Professional standards

When participating in the activities on this website, participants undertake to maintain a professional behaviour consistent with participating in a supportive, closed, professional community, specifically:

  • Being polite and respectful towards other participants
  • When reflecting on the contributions of other participants, using their best efforts to provide thoughtful and constructive commentary
  • Ensuring that postings do not identify persons and scenarios when permission to do so has not been obtained from the person and/or organisation involved
  • Not acting in any way which may harm the culture of safe collegiality which is the foundation of this website.

Participant responsibilities

All participants in M4DLink:

  • Are expected to participate in community activities. This includes taking part in challenges and competitions, reporting on their return to work plan, reviewing the reports of colleagues and contributing to community forums
  • Agree to their name and professional details being entered into a database of participants of mining governance activities, that is housed on the website and is accessible to all registered website users
  • Agree to only use M4DLink.org for professional, non-commercial purposes
  • Are expected to respect the confidences of other community members by not disclosing information or distributing any material provided by another member without his/her permission.

Access to M4DLink.org is granted on the express condition that participants will not use this site to:

  • Advertise or promote any product or service
  • Recruit individuals for employment purposes or consultancy activities
  • Share any member information or information from M4D activities with non-registered members of M4DLink.org
  • And in any way that is contrary to the intended private use of the site by only its registered members.


The Minerals and Energy for Development Alliance (MEfDA) treats information collected through the M4DLink.org website as private and confidential.

Information supplied by you will only be used for the specific purpose as requested by you. MEfDA will not make available to a third party any personal information supplied by you unless required or permitted by law.

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